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"Julie treated us and our belongings with kindness and respect, she understood emotional attachment and practical implementation."

(Narelle H. North Plympton)

Life in Order
Business owner Julie Lowe

Julie has over 15 years' experience establishing cross functional systems, implementing process improvement systems and project management. Leveraging these attributes has delivered successful outcomes in all areas of her client's lives for keeping 'Life in Order'.

Life in Order provides professional organising services to individuals and businesses in the Adelaide area. Life in Order works with you to achieve your goals through the implementation of organised solutions that improve your time management and reduce stress.

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Easiest 3 things you can do to declutter

Posted 11/12/2017


  1. Stop stuff coming in – this refers to both physical possessions as well as information clutter. There is a general rule with staying organised of ‘one in – one out’. If you bring a new top into the house then one has to go. Unsubscribe from emails and updates that are no longer of interest or you don’t get the time to read. They are just adding extra stress to your day.

  2. Keep it small – Don’t let the idea of de-cluttering your entire life and home overwhelm you. Instead just break it all down into manageable sized pieces. Start de-cluttering an area that is small and could be accomplished in less than 30 minutes (or 10 minutes if you know how). This may be a junk drawer in the kitchen, your glove box in the car or perhaps the content on your smartphone.

  3. Talk to a Professional Organiser – if you really feel you need to de-clutter but don’t know where or how to start a Professional Organiser can assist you. We can help make the process quicker and easier for you with less stress by giving you tips and the tools to help you get organised and stay that way for life.

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Top 3 mistakes made when planning your day/week

Posted 23/11/2017


  1. Trying to do too much – you are only one person and therefore expectations have to be realistic. There is no point in having 20 things on your daily ‘to do’ list when you know the report you have to write will take you half a day to complete. Be fair to yourself and make your plans achievable.

  2. Not prioritising – there will always be things you could do with your time, however the key is to prioritise what needs to be done so you can then enjoy more of what you want to do. Try and do the 3 key things on your list before lunch and then treat yourself for getting these priority tasks complete.

  3. Approaching the schedule (week) as a chore –this is your chance to organise your week (and life) to include the things you want it to and take control, so approach it energised and enthusiastic for all that you are going to accomplish. Of course there will be the tasks that need to be done, but the key is to overshadow these with the enjoyable things such as a bike ride before work on Friday morning or a dinner with friends on Wednesday.

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Garage Clutter Gone!

Posted 1/11/2017

The nicer weather is finally here and I have had a few clients mention to me that their garages are overrun. So here are 5 tips to help get your garage organised and functioning again;

  1. Get in the Zone – if your garage space has become the place for everything then start by zoning specific areas (sports gear/ workshop/ home storage/ cars). This will identify where things are meant to live, but also enable you to function in the designated space.

  2. Move it on – Kids bikes, old golf clubs, a thingy-majig that does ????. If they don’t get used anymore give them a new home and get them out of yours.

  3. Think Vertically – getting things off the ground instantly gives you more space. There are now a range of wall mounted storage solutions to accommodate anything from bikes to fishing rods.

  4. Group it – put all like things in a pile, review how many you really need and clear the excess. Place what you keep into a suitable storage container.

  5. Label it – Once your storage solution is set up. Make everything quick and easy to find by clearly labelling it.

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PREPARE: Ready for Winter

Posted 14/6/2017

With this beautiful sunshine at the moment, it is easy to forget that winter has begun. In preparation for those winter colds and flu which are in evitable with children in your household I thought it was a good time to clear out and reorganise our medicine cabinet. It has always been a bugbear of mine, for the most part because I hate being sick but also because I have never found a storage cabinet as good as my mum’s to suitably contain and display everything so it is easy to find when rummaging in the middle of the night.

Nevertheless, it needed to be done, so I allocated some time in my day to clear it out. I was surprised at the number of expired medications we had on hand, which made for some easy discarding and then grouped similar items making sure to keep the more frequently used items at the front for easy access.

The importance for me when it comes to the medicine cabinet is that I can easily find and access what I want (especially when you have a sick child in pain and upset) so with that in mind I have found a medicine cabinet from IKEA that displays your medical wares and lets you see what you are grabbing unlike the medicine tubs which have been popular of late. It has some different sections and compartments with shelving high enough to allow for the big bottles of kids pain relief as well as some clever little elastic arms in the door to hold some of your flatter items.

I’m pretty happy with the end result, but the test will be when the next round of colds hit.

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