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Garage Clutter Gone!

Posted 1/11/2017

The nicer weather is finally here and I have had a few clients mention to me that their garages are overrun. So here are 5 tips to help get your garage organised and functioning again;

  1. Get in the Zone – if your garage space has become the place for everything then start by zoning specific areas (sports gear/ workshop/ home storage/ cars). This will identify where things are meant to live, but also enable you to function in the designated space.

  2. Move it on – Kids bikes, old golf clubs, a thingy-majig that does ????. If they don’t get used anymore give them a new home and get them out of yours.

  3. Think Vertically – getting things off the ground instantly gives you more space. There are now a range of wall mounted storage solutions to accommodate anything from bikes to fishing rods.

  4. Group it – put all like things in a pile, review how many you really need and clear the excess. Place what you keep into a suitable storage container.

  5. Label it – Once your storage solution is set up. Make everything quick and easy to find by clearly labelling it.